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The Search for an Ancient Treasure(Event!)

Hades-LV, Sep 5, 12 1:29 PM.
Many years ago a wealthy Senator was found guilty of murdering his brother. No one knew why he murdered his brother until recently, it was discovered that the Senator and his brother has stumbled upon the long lost treasure of a pirate lord in the Outer Rim. 
The Senators greed  meant that he wasn't willing to share this treasure with anyone, not even his own brother. After murdering his brother the Senator went on the run, however it wasn't long before the Republic had caught him. Though when they found him there was no treasure to be seen, hence why no one knew about it...
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Look in the Calendar for event, and training dates.


Hades-LV, Jul 9, 12 9:33 AM.
Welcome to the Crimson Skulls!

The Crimson skulls is a pirate/ underworld RP guild. This is means that most if not everyone who joins the guild should be willing to get involved in Criminal activities in the game. This may involve us robbing people, taking people hostage and maybe even having full scale wars with other guilds.  

We would like to ask that your character isn't afraid to get their hands dirty, but we don't mind how you RP, as long as you can do your job. We would also like to tell you that the guild only recruits Troopers and Smugglers. A small amount of Jedi may be allowed in later on. 

To join the guild just sign up to the site, then could you send either Rusila or Naast a message either over the site or in game. We will then arrange a IC meeting for you in game.

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